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Bill and Louise Varnedoe honored


Green Mountain Volunteer Fire Department

The Green Mountain Volunteer Fire Department honored Bill and Louise Varnedoe on August 11, 2015, for their contributions to Green Mountain, Huntsville, Madison County and the State of Alabama. Dignitaries who spoke and presented plaques included Mayor Tommy Battle, District 3 City Councilperson Dr. Jennie Robinson, Chief Howard McFarlen of Huntsville Fire & Rescue, Mr. Don Webster of HEMSI, Mr. Alan Rice the Alabama Fire College Executive Director, Chief Russ Rawson Green Mountain Volunteer Fire Department and Pete Dobbs, President of the Green Mountain Volunteer Fire Department Board. Mayor Battle also provided a Proclamation designating August 11th as Bill and Louise Varnedoe Day! When you see the Varnedoes please thank them for their outstanding support to our Green Mountain Community along with the greater Huntsville and State of Alabama areas. On the following Thursday, August 13, 2015, at the Regular Huntsville City Council meeting, by unanimous vote of the Council members, Mayor Battle was authorized to present a Resolution commending Bill and Louise for their fifty years of service and support to the Green Mountain Volunteer Fire Department and other volunteer fire departments across the state. Bill and Louise received a standing ovation from all in attendance. The text of the resolution may be read here.


Land Purchase Pledge Drive

As of Feb. 3, 2015!!!!

Total Number of Pledges = 94

Total Pledged = $125,000

More info here


Thanks to Gayle Lee for 27 years of excellent postal service to Green Mountain

I appreciate every person there, some from my first day to all the new ones throughout the years. It was a high privilege to bring all the mail to the greatest friends possible. And they are all friends for life. And I will put the picture where I can see it everyday Thanks to all my Green Mountain family. I will keep in touch and ride through from time to time looking to say Hello to all I see.




There's nowhere to shop on Huntsville's Green Mountain -- and most residents want to keep it that way

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Huntsville Planning Commission video

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Community Call to Action,
Opposition to Commercial Rezoning on Green Mountain

We have an issue at hand regarding the future direction of development on Green Mountain. At its core is whether the Green Mountain Community is favorably inclined to accept commercial development or not. My letter to our GMCL distribution (#3 below) outlines the general situation, and is included along with some additional information to provide a more complete package: 

  1. Mike Friday’s letter to the members of his Inspiration Point development regarding the proposed rezoning.
    • Mike Friday's 2nd letter to Green Mountain Residents to further clarify his position and his alternatives to rezoning.
  2. The joint GMCL and The Preserve at Clayton Pond Homeowner’s Association Resolution stating our position regarding the proposed rezoning.
  3. Open letter to our GMCL distribution.
  4. Petition for those who oppose commercial development on Green Mountain.

Communicate the situation with everybody you know on Green Mountain; let’s have the debate! If you agree with our position opposing commercial development on Green Mountain, then sign and return to me (5228 Riverview) the Green Mountain Community petition, opposing the rezoning as currently proposed, and come to the Huntsville Planning Commission meeting on 26 August, Municipal Building, City Council Chambers at 5pm, to show your support in opposition to the current rezoning proposal.

Mark Prill
GMCL President  


Injured or Dead Animals

Injured Wildlife
   North Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Collection and Disposal of Dead Animals
    Huntsville Animal Services
       256-883-3786 (Emergency)
       256-883-3783 (Non-Emergency)

Read the Varnedoes encounter with a hawk


Mountain Resident is Recipient of

French Legion of Honor

William W. Varnedoe Jr.

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and for more info.

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Email Distribution Requests

For Green Mountain residents to have information sent out to the Green Mountain Civic League email list, please submit a request to the Digital Interface Committee at Write the draft message just as you would a typical newspaper ad:  detail such as who, what, when, and where. Also include your name, preferred contact information, and include a photograph(s), if appropriate. The email will be reviewed and approved by the Civic League President prior to sending out. Emails should relate to the well-being of Green Mountain residents and environment or community civic activities and will not be used as a method to sell items or tie the Civic League to supporting external causes.


City Laws and Ordinances

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On the drop down menu, select "City Services A-Z"
Under the letter "C", select "City Laws & Ordinances"


Operation Green Team

The "How Long Will Our Litter Be Here?" bag sent out with the GMCL Newsletter (April '09) was furnished by Huntsville's Green Team to remind us how long most litter will be around -- encouraging us to reduce use of those items which defy decomposition and to use the city's recycle containers.


Beautification Committee

The Huntsville Times reports in the past "will remove free of charge cars, old appliances, etc, and anything metal". 

Call 256-533-6521 or 256-468-7069


Did you know?

In January, 1961, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), now called NASA, established an instrumentation site on the northeast corner of Green Mountain (Recreation Point) for use in developing and testing space vehicles antenna. Source: Marshall Star


Community Watch

Weekend Watch includes the entire mountain.

Please see Community Watch for more info.


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