Huntsville, Alabama
Keep Green Mountain Green!   
Green Mountain

Green Mountain is located on the South East border of Huntsville, Alabama.  It is a unique natural resource of great value to the community. It runs for seven miles along the Eastern flank of the City just north of the Tennessee River forming a beautiful natural backdrop to the city. The top of the mountain is a flat mesa surrounded by significant stone bluffs. The area atop the mountain is roughly 13.5 Sq. Miles. There are currently about two hundred and thirty homes on the mountain.  More than a  hundred lots are under development or for sale. The Mountain is special in a number of ways not the least of which is that it IS a mountain. It makes up a significant part of the southeast "view scape" of Huntsville. It remains largely undeveloped and thus represents a major preserve adjacent to the dense development of the City. Aside from it's major scenic value it is an important watershed located between Aldridge Creek and the Flint River. It is an important buffer for Flora and Fauna. There are significant populations of deer, wildcat, fox, skunk, possums, raccoons, etc. and numerous bird species including the beautiful Pileated Wood Pecker. Not to mention the dubious honor of a "Bigfoot sighting". It offers significant recreational value to the larger community focused on the Madison County Nature Trail. Those who live on the mountain are acutely aware of its unique value as a preserve and buffer and are committed to helping the larger Huntsville Community preserve this special place.



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