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About Us

The Green Mountain Civic League is a non-profit volunteer organization made up of paid up members from the Green Mountain Community. The Civic League was founded in the 60's. It has as its charter several primary goals. The overarching goal is to provide a community resource to preserve and protect the well being of the residents and the Green Mountain Environment and to provide a focal point for community activities.

The Civic League has a number of standing committees which define its goals.

  • Events Committee plans and executes events for the Mountain residents which has primarily been the annual Fall Picnic.  Plans are underway to add a Spring event.
  • Beautification Committee is charged with overseeing clean up activities and general beautification.
  • Communications Committee provides for a periodic newsletter, website, and mailings.
  • Block Captain Committee recruits and provides communications to these local block level representatives.  This is primarily to provide a means of communicating quickly and comprehensively in case of general emergency or incidents requiring community response.
  • Public Safety Committee monitors activities on the mountain which threaten the public safety and make that information available to all members.  They also take actions to have the appropriate authorities respond.  For example they have worked to have the City address road hazards and asked the police to look into vandalism.
  • Archivist records and preserves all significant League and Mountain records, publicity, articles, etc..
  • Liaison Committee contacts and communicates with local government entities in matters pertaining to the interest of the Green Mountain Civic League.
  • Membership Committee promotes and processes membership.
  • Database Committee maintains an accurate database of mountain residents.

The Board of the Civic League is elected from the civic league membership. The board is made up of ten members.  Four of these are officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.  There are six members-at large.  These generally, but not necessarily head up the committees.  Finally the Volunteer Fire Department Chief, the head of the Neighborhood Watch Association and the Archivist (if not a board-member) sit on the board as Ex-officio members.  The board meetings are open to all and the minutes are available to any interested member.  We hope to publish them on this web site.

The board is not a political action group.  However, one of it's functions is interfacing to the City and County governments on issues of mutual interest to the Green Mountain Community.

The board is best known for several high profile efforts to prevent rezoning of property on the mountain for high density developments.  However, it is involved in many ongoing activities as listed below.

Two annual general membership meetings are held.  The first is generally in April and elections are held at these meetings.  The second is normally held during the Fall Picnic.  These meetings  update the membership on board activities, discuss subjects of general interest and elect new board members.   Board members are elected for two years, with two consecutive terms maximum (?).   Officers and members at large are elected on alternate years to ensure continuity.



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